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LightCircles come in highly polished low oxidizing Sterling Silver

with a slightly antiqued embossed look…  

Special Order

with a solid flat  black background that sets off

 the pattern in a dramatic way.

In Gold the patterns are softly expressed in the textures and highlights.

Each piece of jewelry is hand inscribed  with the metal type, the artists initial logo, and the year the crop circle was found.  This date is the key for those who wish to do further research on the Internet or library about the original crop circle. The jewelry itself is an historical record of an event on the Earth.

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The Jewelry:

The simplicity and elegance of the LightCircles designs work with the classic as well as the fashionable and casual lifestyles.  They represent a style that is sophisticated and in touch with the times, yet, people say the designs remind them of something  very ancient.  There is a sense of intrigue and mystery about them since the origin of the crop circles is still unknown.

People love the simple circular shape, just right for collecting and adding-on to their charm bracelets, and the  reputation of quality sterling jewelry that is produced in the United States. 

The LightCircles designs are the foundation for a large variety of jewelry styles.  There are pendants, pins, bracelets, earrings, key rings, tie tacks, cuff links, money clips, bolos, rings, buttons and more.  The possibilities are endless and customer requests are welcomed.  Any design may be ordered in 14 Karat Gold.

What people say:

“Your crop circle jewelry is beautiful and does indeed contain the energy of the original formations and your integrity shines through as well.”  “We received your brochures and were impressed by the large range and wonderful quality of your 'LightCircles'.

Glenn and Cameron, Shelburne, VT


Judy in Tucson purchased the Barbury Castle (2002) SHIELD and wore it to a gathering in May of 2005.  She says, “It makes me feel good, peaceful and yet energized.”


“The crop circles arrived today. Their energy and beauty have me spellbound. I feel honored and I will treasure them. I feel that the consciousness that created the circles is watching over and directing the exposure and appreciation of their work. You are one of their messengers.“      Marilyn P., Sonoma , CA


“As you know, your crop circle jewelry resonated DEEPLY with me.... I hope you continue to pursue, create and be open to all that they can bring into your life.”    Tom Z., Walnut Creek , CA

“When I wear one of the LightCircles I have a lot of clarity and able to make decisions quickly.  When I wear another it powers me up, speeds up my metabolism and I feel confident.”    David N., Carlsbad , CA


"It seems that I have a renewed sense of well being since I have been wearing the pendent.  I don't know whether it is imaginary, but does it make any difference?  I have no explanation as to sense of well being.  However, some issues that were bothering me very much seem to be much less threatening.  This occurrence happened within a couple of days of wearing the pendant.  Perhaps it has brought an embracement of The Positive.  This seems to be true.  I have worn the pendent twenty four hours a day since its arrival.  Also I have had many comments.  People are sort of amazed.   At any rate, I thank you."     ...Raymond


“The larger crop circle (Winterbourne Bassett, July 1997) draws energy to me. It channels power energy from "the other side" and activates my senses. I become more focused and clear in my decision-making. The symbolism of each crop circle is that it functions as a key to unleash and activate different energies. The smaller crop circle (Milk Hill, July 2000) taps into my creativity. It enhances my imagination and creative vision. When I wear it, it helps me see my artwork in a whole new light. They both have become so valuable to me that I wear them continually and cannot wait to add to my collection. My profound gratitude to Kaayla Fox."   ... David


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