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    An Exciting & Different

Contemporary Collection

of  Fine Jewelry


Jewelry Designs are inspired by the crop circles found throughout 

the world then made into quality Jewelry and Coins

for collecting and lasting enjoyment.

Collect, Wear, & Experience

 Crop Circles


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Made in the USA of Enduring Sterling Silver and 14K Gold

For more than 20 years people have been collecting information and speculating about the effects and influences the crop circles have on consciousness. Crop circle photographs have been used as healing tools at the Institute for Resonance Therapy in Germany and also by individuals and energy practitioners. It has been said that the crop circles themselves can act as spiritual portals, opening us up to self awareness and in many ways they are tools of transformation and healing.  

Consciousness Bridging

with Crop Circles

When choosing LightCircles jewelry, each person intuitively knows what frequency combinations are needed at any given moment.  By wearing the encoded crop circle jewelry, these crop circle messages are spread across the world as they travel and are witnessed  by many.

When is jewelry not a luxury item?

The crop circles encoded frequencies and information (Light) are given to us as support for humanity and the environment in shifting our focus to creating and transforming our reality at the quantum level.

Frequencies are encoded in the sacred geometry of the crop circles and are also present in the geometry of the sterling silver crop circle designs.

We can use the language of the sacred geometry of the crop circles to change our consciousness, embracing the new vibration of balancing light with light (enlightenment). This new way of being can be advanced by wearing and working with these LightCircles™.

What is your experience of wearing LightCircles Jewelry?

Here's what people are saying.....

"The symbols have enhanced my life on both a personal and professional level. These pieces enhance the frequency of the energy in and around me. They are indeed alive, and living entities of higher vibrational fields, which lift the consciousness of those wearing them, or working with them in healing settings. They bridge the inter-dimensional worlds with the sacred language of symbols."

... Hillary Raimo, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Medium, Author and Talk Show Host


It seems that I have a renewed sense of well being since I have been wearing the pendent.  I don't know whether it is imaginary, but does it make any difference?  I have no explanation as to sense of well being.  However, some issues that were bothering me very much seem to be much less threatening.  This occurrence happened within a couple of days of wearing the pendant.  Perhaps it has brought an embracement of The Positive.  This seems to be true.  I have worn the pendent twenty four hours a day since its arrival.  Also I have had many comments.  People are sort of amazed.   At any rate, I thank you.  


  “The larger crop circle (Winterbourne Bassett, July 1997) draws energy to me. It channels power energy from "the other side" and activates my senses. I become more focused and clear in my decision-making. The symbolism of each crop circle is that it functions as a key to unleash and activate different energies.. The smaller crop circle (Milk Hill, July 2000) taps into my creativity. It enhances my imagination and creative vision. When I wear it, it helps me see my artwork in a whole new light. They both have become so valuable to me that I wear them continually and cannot wait to add to my collection. My profound gratitude to Kaayla Fox

... David N.


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